PARKROYAL on Pickering
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A library is well stocked with the collected works of WOHA, an initiative of the perhaps smitten general manager. Public and personal scales are linked by a Mondrianesque, incisive shifting of focus, then magnification.Sculpted garden terraces are located at four-floor intervals up the side of the building.The recessed ground-floor public areas are controlled right to the street edge.A lantern pavilion, or “birdcage,” is cantilevered over the pool on level five.You may also like other Architecture Media network newsletters:Viewed across the park, the building is heroic and dynamic, most reminiscent of Antonio Sant’Elia’s illustrations for his futurist manifesto of a century ago. Como um verdadeiro “lar longe de casa”, os quartos deste hotel contam com TV de tela plana, ar-condicionado e geladeira. The pool on level five cascades into a garden that loops the podium top, complete with a three-hundred-metre jogging track. A decision was made early to save time and money by not excavating a basement. While a number of properties have now caught up with green living, there are only a handful of hotels in Singapore that have been awarded with the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award. While the design of the park is undistinguished, its bounding street trees have magnificent canopies as high as the Parkroyal’s podium and easily coopted into the landscape of the pool terrace. For those schemes, cleft but not subterranean, the focus was on the treatment of canyon walls. The lounge is internally screened into living and dining areas, with a large communal table set with Straits Chinese tiles and an open, domestic-style kitchen. The ramp spirals around the office tower core, bypassing the recessed hotel lobby and meeting rooms and capping them with an arcing, greenery-fringed visor. The PARKROYAL on Pickering is one of the first few hotels in Singapore to truly make a commitment towards being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Two hundred percent of the land area of the development was replaced as garden and green wall, a significant achievement but only a stepping stone to the 700 percent WOHA is achieving at its Oasia Hotel, under construction a little further from the CBD.A club lounge on level sixteen is open to any guest paying the entry tariff. The front of the building faces north-east over Hong Lim Park, an informal garden most notable as the only approved venue for non-licensed protests and at times teeming with activity like that anticipated on the terraces of the hotel. The building's "hotel-in-a-garden" design has been lauded for its unique architecture that incorporates 15,000 m 2 (160,000 sq ft) of elevated terraced gardens. Only two rooms per floor look across the back of the building; the remainder enjoy views of the hotel’s own gardens or of the city to the north-west and south-east. Get the latest reviews and news first.The open, planted and naturally ventilated bridging alludes to the typical form of neighbouring Housing Board flats.Architecture Australia, September 2013In this instalment of the Talking Houses video series, Peter Stutchbury heads back to the breathtaking landscape that inspired the 2014 Australian House of the …The heavy yet “eroded” base of the building represents WOHA’s interest in “topographical architecture.”The uncompromising architecture of this building is reflective of, and contributes, to the cultural ambition of the institution.The Parkroyal on Pickering achieves a fine balance of the geological and the cultural. A heavy yet eroded base is touched lightly by latticed volumes. Limited back-of-house functions (administration is accommodated off-site) are housed at the rear of levels one and four, the solid backdrop to ground-floor public areas being dematerialized by mirrors and green walls internally.The jointing of the ribs to the spine is nicely articulated, with spiral escape stairs or lifts occupying the internal corners. Parkroyal Collection Pickering, Singapore (stylised as PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, Singapore, formerly PARKROYAL on Pickering) is a luxury hotel located in the Central Area of Singapore. Bathrooms also have an outlook, being positioned behind the facade or, for the lower grades, stealing glimpses across the room via wide sliding dividers.A super-scale colonnade, reminiscent of Paul Rudolph’s condominium in Singapore of that name, supports the alternative reading of the soffit as a tree canopy with giant trunks. Elevational elaboration resisted, investment is instead made in sculpting garden terraces at four-floor intervals and in managing the mullions to integrate with internal planning and furnishings.The heavy yet “eroded” base of the building represents WOHA’s interest in “topographical architecture.”The decoration develops elements of classical Chinese design: lightly layered screening of spaces, indirection of approach and circulation, and mortised and frame-and-panel wood detailing. O PARKROYAL em Pickering foi um lançamento puramente comercial, com restrições orçamentárias e programáticas bem definidas. The Parkroyal represents another erosive type, the mesa. The ground plane is controlled right to the street edge with generous planting and covered walkways. Join our architecture and design community of 56,000+.

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