Troop army 違い
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The division commander had never maneuvered his command as a unit; in fact,the division had never been together, except for reviews and demonstrations, and itscomposition had changed greatly from one assembly to another. The Army Ground Forces were one of the three autonomous components of the Army of the United States during World War II, the others being the Army Air Forces and Army Service Forces.Throughout their existence, Army Ground Forces were the largest training organization ever established in the United States.Its strength of 780,000 troops on 1 May 1942 grew to a peak of 2,200,000 by 1 July 1943. down by General McNair and his staff, the 65th when it moved overseas in 1945 mighthave been the most battleworthy of the long line of divisions produced by the Army GroundForces. In most nations it does not include police, which are considered a civilian force, completely separate from the military. ... troop と army の違いはありますか? どちらも軍隊の意味があると思いますが、この2つの単語に違いはありますか?
army は主に陸軍を表すことが多いですが、単純に「軍隊」を表すときにも使います。 military は警察や一般市民に対しての違いを言うときに使ったりもします。 troops は「軍隊」や「部隊」を表し、「どんな人達か」に視点があります。 ground troops「陸上部隊」 military の類義語 "Military" is the most general, and refers to any of a nation's armed forces, be it army, navy, air force, etc.

Its regiments had never worked with their supporting battalions of artillery in fieldexercises. このレベルでは各国ごとの呼び方の違いも大きい。第二次世界大戦当時には、旧日本陸軍には軍団がなく、軍の上に方面軍(area army)、総軍(general army)、ソ連に戦線(front。 The division was more of a hodgepodge than aIf the plans for building and training this division had been carried out as originally laid For into the planning of the organization, training, and equipment of this unit waspoured the accumulated experience of four years' intensive effort.
In the infantry regiments,only one man in four had been with the division for a year, and almost every fourth man hadjoined his unit within the past three months.

But, mainly because ofpersonnel exigencies the control of which lay beyond the jurisdiction of the Army GroundForces, the 65th was about the least ready for combat of all divisions trained in World WarII. troops assisted by U.S. military forces 米軍に支援された部隊 - アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索サービス。 An army is a nations ground forces, military who use their feet and land vehicles to move about.

The army troop prepared for its mission.

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