Pre contrato


First Floor, Winston House, 349 Regents Park Road, London, United Kingdom, N3 1DH

Numero de precontrato FAC168817
Fecha de precontrato 13 octubre, 2020
Total 120,000.00€

Croisement Boulevard Denis SASSOU NGUESSO et l'avenue Cardinal Emile BIAYENDA, BRAZZAVILLE, BRAZZAVILLE 0000, Congo, República of(Brazzaville)



Having made the study of your line of credit application, we can say that we agree to grant it.

The requirements, for our part, are as follows:


-Opening of total corporate account

-Subscription of payment insurance for an amount, previous payment in Useabank account for obtaining in the form of total liquidity.

-Signature of contract of credit and opening of account.

Once the account has been opened, we will send the line of credit contract, and once we have signed it, we will put the amount available, ready to operate with it fully.

Bank data is provided upon acceptance of this budget when the invoice will be automatically sent.


Payment insurance is compulsory. We will block that balance during the time of the contract, and if at the end, everything has ended well, simply, we will put the balance as available, so that you can remove it.


In case our proposal seems right, simply indicate the acceptance, and the invoice will be sent to you. Once the payment and opening of the account is formalized, you will be sent the contract for your electronic signature, and then you will be able to have your funds immediately.



Cantidad Definición ImporteAjusteSub Total
30000 Seguro de pago riesgo 7
1 Interés 1.9%
1 Tiempo de devolución: 30 años
1 Carencia: 4 años
1 Concesión: 3000000000€ 0.00€0.00%0.00€
Sub Total 120,000.00€
Tax 0.00€
Total 120,000.00€

Euro Account ( Only € )

Bank Name : Useabank

Country: Lithuania

Beneficiary: USBNK LTD

IBAN Number: LT443120023810001264

Swift code: UAPULT22XXX

Purpose of Payment: Invoice 11548/20